SHOGUN  6.1.3
LogRationalApproximationIndividual.h File Reference

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class  SGVector< T >
 shogun vector More...
class  CMatrixOperator< T >
 Abstract base class that represents a matrix linear operator. It provides an interface to computes matrix-vector product \(Ax\) in its apply method, \(A\in\mathbb{C}^{m\times n},A:\mathbb{C}^{n} \rightarrow \mathbb{C}^{m}\) being the matrix operator and \(x\in \mathbb{C}^{n}\) being the vector. The result is a vector \(y\in \mathbb{C}^{m}\). More...
class  CLinearSolver< T, ST >
 Abstract template base class that provides an abstract solve method for linear systems, that takes a linear operator \(A\), a vector \(b\), solves the system \(Ax=b\) and returns the vector \(x\). More...
class  CLogRationalApproximationIndividual
 Implementaion of rational approximation of a operator-function times vector where the operator function is log of a dense-matrix. Each complex system generated from the shifts due to rational approximation of opertor- log times vector expression are solved individually with a complex linear solver by the computation engine. generate_jobs generates num_shifts number of jobs per trace sample. More...

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